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Nation’s Restaurant News reports that McDonald’s “is offering a money management program to its more than 500,000 unit-level employees in the United States … McDonald’s partnered with Visa Inc. to offer the ‘McDonald’s Practical Money Skills’ program, which includes a budgeting guide to track expenses and access to an instructional video and an online resource center.”
KC's View:
This is a smart move on all sorts of levels. There are an awful lot of people out there who do not know anything about budgeting and investing, and McDonald’s makes a clear commitment to its people through this effort.

Seems to me that Tesco made a similar effort a couple of months ago. Kudos to both companies for doing so.

BTW…this is something that America’s schools ought to be doing a better job at teaching. I haven't used any of the things I learned in chemistry, biology or even algebra since I got out of high school…but it seems to me that a personal finance course would have had a lot of lasting value. Needless to say, it wasn't taught…and still is not today in most of America’s schools.