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Published reports say that eight senators have written a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) criticizing the agency for its ongoing attempts to unravel the $565 million acquisition of Wild Oats by Whole Foods – a deal that was concluded a year ago.

The letter criticized the FTC for changing its procedures so that the same commissioners that investigate mergers also will preside over hearings that will consider whether the two companies ought to be de-merged.

"Regardless of whether the procedure and substance of the changes technically comply with the statutes governing FTC rule-making, we are concerned that they may fall short of the standard of prudence with which the FTC ought to wield its considerable power," said the letter. It was signed by six Democratic senators (Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Diane Feinstein of California, Charles Schumer of New York, Bill Nelson of Nebraska, and Benjamin Cardin of Maryland) and two Republican senators (Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and John Cornyn of Texas).

KC's View:
I guess the senators had to be politically and procedurally correct in how they phrased their letter. A postcard that said, “stop wasting taxpayer money, you morons” might have been more to the point, however.