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HealthDay News reports that “a new federal government food pyramid for preschoolers may help parents deal with picky eating problems,” offering “individualized nutrition guidance to meet the needs of children aged 2 to 5.”

The new pyramid suggests that parents “set reasonable limits for the start and end of a meal. When you see your child is no longer interested in the meal, excuse the child from the table.” And, it suggests that parents encourage children to try new foods without forcing the issue, and that parents and kids should cook together.

"This is a great tool for all parents of preschoolers but particularly those of finicky eaters,” said Brian Wansink, executive director of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP). “It's loaded with great ideas and suggestions for families so they can help their kids eat a more varied and nutritious diet. What I find most useful is how to talk with kids about what to eat and tips on how to have fun with food around the dinner table."

KC's View:
A pyramid is the right symbol for this, because in my experience, getting my kids to eat seafood is like walking up one.