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MorningNewsBeat is thrilled to welcome Kraft Foods to our extraordinary lineup of sponsors. For the next seven weeks, Kraft will be the MNB premium sponsor – making it possible for you to get the MNB Wake Up Call that arrives on your computer each business morning. And, as part of its sponsorship, Kraft will be demonstrating its commitment to the wide range of products and innovations that differentiate its brands in America’s supermarkets.

This week…Kraft’s new 100-calorie packs of Nabisco Oreo Cakesters, which offer adults and kids alike the way to enjoy indulgent snacking without the guilt; the consumer can satisfy his or her sweet tooth and not worry about calories. (And speaking as someone with a pretty good sweet tooth, the Content Guy can tell you that it doesn’t get better than that!)

At a time when snacking is at an all-time high, consumers continue to look for sensible snacking options that offer taste, convenience and even a little comfort to get them through the tough times. That’s just one of the things that Kraft has to offer as part of its customer-focused branded products and innovations.

So check out how Kraft is talking to shoppers at:

And thanks again to Kraft Foods for its commitment to the industry and support of
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