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The Arizona Republic reports on a new campaign by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, suggesting that Americans observe what they are calling “Meatless Monday,” or just eating like a vegetarian one day a week.

According to the Republic, the campaign “maintains that eating like a vegetarian just one day a week reduces consumption of saturated fat by 15 percent, enough to ward off the ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer. A weekly commitment also adds the disease-fighting benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes … According to health and culinary experts, there has never been a better time for part-time vegetarians. Today's vegetarian cuisine - once known for bland bowls of brown rice and endless raw vegetables - has traded its image as a deprivation cuisine for one of haute cuisine.”

KC's View:
Gee, an intelligent, thoughtful campaign that addresses the notion of vegetarian eating without the use of images like “sea kittens.” I’m shocked.

This is actually a pretty good idea. It is one that Catholics had for decades before Vatican II – albeit for different reasons on a different day – but a good idea.

Good for the body, good for the soul…