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MSNBC has a story about how woman are les able to suppress their hunger than women, which could help explain why the obesity rate is higher among females than males; recent studies have shown that 35.3 percent of American women and 33.3 percent of men are considered obese.

According to the story, “In the study, participants were quizzed about their favorite foods, which ranged from pizza to cinnamon buns and burgers to chocolate cake, and then were asked to fast overnight. The next day they underwent brain scans while being presented with their favorite foods. In addition, they used a technique called cognitive inhibition, which they had been taught, to suppress thoughts of hunger and eating.

“While both men and women said the inhibition technique decreased their hunger, the brain scans showed that men's brain activity actually decreased, while the part of women's brains that responds to food remained active.”

KC's View:
I’m not sure what this says about me, but I was born hungry and am hungry almost all the time. And I’m not sure that I’m even capable of using something like cognitive inhibition, much less understanding it.

This also surprises me because it challenges my working premise that women are in almost every way superior to men.