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Numerous published reports say that marijuana legalization advocates are calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s products in the wake of the company’s decision not to renew Olympic champion Michael Phelps’ endorsement contract after he was photographed using a bong.

Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, said that the move was “hypocritical and disgusting,” especially since so many pot users eat Kellogg’s products when they get the munchies.

"Kellogg's had no problem signing up Phelps when he had a conviction for drunk driving, an illegal act that could actually have killed someone," said Kampia. "To drop him for choosing to relax with a substance that's safer than beer is an outrage, and it sends a dangerous message to young people."

KC's View:
I’m not sure that this was the best argument that Kampia and his cohorts could have used.

And while I have already argued here that maybe a little too much was being made of the Phelps case, perhaps we could use it as the impetus for an intelligent and mature discussion of marijuana laws in the US, rather than just knee-jerk reactions from both sides.