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• In another story about Walmart’s plans to make a push into Chicago, this one in the Wall Street Journal, it is reported that “the company now sees the Windy City as a potential proving ground for urban development strategies it could later bring to other resistant markets, including New York and Los Angeles.”

"I think people are starting to understand we can be relevant in the urban area and improve the quality of life," John Bisio, Walmart’s Chicago director of public affairs and government relations. "The economy being what it is, the city and various aldermen have reached out to us to inquire about our desire to expand what we have."

The Journal writes that “among the locations Wal-Mart is eyeing is a site in the largely African-American South Side district of Alderman Howard B. Brookins Jr. And from Brookins comes the quote that must warm Walmart’s heart: "When we said 'no' to Wal-Mart, we could afford to thumb our nose at people because the city was flush with cash. Now, that bubble has burst."

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