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Whole Foods is circulating an email to its New York customers, asking them to lobby elected representatives to change state law to allow wine sales by supermarkets.

The text of the email, in part:

“Want wine? Please sign.

“Millions of New Yorkers agree. It is time for wine right here where food is sold. It’s time that New York State adopts some common-sense ideas to raise money without raising taxes. It’s time that New York allows food stores to sell wine — like most other states. Not only is it more convenient for millions of shoppers in New York, it will help close the state budget gap.

“Please join the effort by clicking here and … urging the New York State Legislature to pass legislation — already proposed by Governor Paterson — to allow food stores to sell wine. This will help New York farmers and wineries expand their businesses, as well as generate more than $130 million for the state budget without raising taxes. And it will help make shopping more convenient for all of us.”

KC's View:
Wish they’d do the same thing in Connecticut. Though if the law is changed in New York, it certainly will lure people across the border from the Nutmeg State wherever it is convenient. Which might pressure Connecticut legislators to make the sane move on this…