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• The Wall Street Journal reports that a new study from the Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute says that “e-commerce reduces the environmental impact of shopping by using about a third less energy than traditional retail — but only if you skip the express airmail.” According to the Journal story, “E-commerce not only uses less energy, but its carbon footprint is also a third smaller than bricks-and-mortar retail, the scientists found.”

The Journal notes that the biggest environmental impact of brick-and-mortar shopping, not surprisingly, is the use of cars to get to the store…and that the only way for consumers to lower their ecological impact below the use of the Internet is to walk to and from the store.

KC's View:
Yet another reason that every retailer ought to be considering how it can best implement an Internet strategy, if it does not already have one in place. These issues are important to consumers…and retailers need to be in the business of paying attention to the things that are important to their shoppers.