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The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks has put a third corporate jet on the market, amid criticisms that it was living too high on the hog during a time when stores were being closed and jobs were being cut.

According to the story, the first jet to be put up for sale was a seven-year-old jet that hit the market last December. The second was the new $45 million jet it bought in December 2008, the purchase of which prompted all the controversy. The third jet is a small, five-year old jet that has just been put up for sale.

One interesting note from the Times: it used to be that flights by Starbucks’ jet were tracked on a site called…but no longer, at the request of Starbucks ownership. It was CEO Howard Schultz who used the new jet to take his family to Hawaii for the holidays last December, a trip used to paint him as being tone deaf to the chain’s economic troubles.

KC's View:
I checked with my CFO (Mrs. Content Guy), and she says that I can’t buy any of the jets, not even the smaller one. She says that it doesn’t matter that MNB hasn’t laid anyone off, and that we haven't closed any offices … MNB can’t afford to be tone-deaf, she says.