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The Wall Street Journal reports that Delhaize and Unilever have resolved their differences, ending a public disagreement that resulted from a pricing dispute that led Delhaize to remove some Unilever items from its stores, and then had Unilever urging customers to stop shopping at Delhaize and start patronizing stores that carried its products.

Terms of the reconciliation have not been disclosed.

Experts say that both sides probably lost in the dispute – Delhaize lost sales, and Unilever lost face…with other retailers perhaps seeing that they had previously unconsidered options in dealing with manufacturers.

KC's View:
I wonder if this could be a preview of what could happen here in the US if the tensions between manufacturers and retailers over prices and costs continue to escalate. Up until this point, it has just been trash talking…but it certainly is within the realm of possibility that certain retailers could just stop carrying items that they deem to be overpriced. Not likely, but possible.

Certainly would be interesting.