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Yesterday, in ‘Your Views,” an MNB user made the observation that since the Whole Foods-Federal Trade Commission settlement requires the retailer to sell off both more than 30 stores and the Wild Oats name and brand that it acquired more than a year ago for $565 million, there were at least a couple of possibilities of suitors:

I do think there is value in the Wild Oats name – If I were Supervalu I would look at buying the name to put on private label organics and to brand the natural foods department of their stores – It is a quick way for Kroger, SV or Ahold to “catch up” with Safeway/O Organics.

Well, we got several emails from various readers at Supervalu, who pointed out that the company already has an organic private label – Wild Harvest, a 300-SKU line that has long been available at Shaws and recently was re-launched nationally.

Thanks for making that point – it was something I should have remembered, but didn’t.

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