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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a jury has ordered former Minyard’s CEO Ronald E. Johnson to pay $2.3 million to his former employer, saying that Johnson has accepted a million dollars in kickbacks from suppliers.

Johnson has said he will appeal. He had charged that Minyard’s ownership had not paid him $600,000 worth of bonuses that he was owed. And, Johnson has said he is essentially unable to pay the settlement since his real estate business has failed.

Johnson had been hired to run Minyard’s in 2004 after the company was bought by an investment firm.

KC's View:
When Johnson was first hired to run Minyard’s in 2004, one MNB user wrote:

You can kiss this chain good bye. Ron Johnson has had notable success in running Jitney Jungle and Del Champs into the ground and almost did the same to Farm Fresh in Norfolk. What a shame.

Another member of the MNB community wrote:

Just hope he doesn't bring the same great ideas to Minyard's that he did to Jitney Jungle.

You got it right.