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This is what is called an opportunity.

Reuters reports that “across the country, the recession is giving extra sizzle to cooking at home. But this isn't Mom's meatloaf or macaroni and cheese. People who grew accustomed to dining out every night still want to eat in style. Besides cooking lessons, they are poring over food magazines, snatching up cookbooks and replacing their dingy pots and pans in hopes of creating gourmet meals on the cheap.”

According to the story, housewares sales at stores ranging from Walmart to Sur La Table are on the rise, as are the use of cooking magazines, cooking websites, and cooking television shows.

KC's View:
This just reinforces a point made before here on MNB. The aspirational customers that existed before there was a recession still have their aspirations…just less money.

Which is a wonderful opening for any food store that wants to market aggressively to these folks.