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The Chicago Tribune reports that the Maine Department of Agriculture is investigating Quality Egg of New England, the region’s largest egg farm, for allegations of animal cruelty that include charges that it has too many hens stuffed into cages.

The company, which has more than four million egg-laying hens and sells more than 65,000 cases of eggs each week, says that it is adhering to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines. However, the case made headlines when videos and still photos of alleged mistreatment were made available to authorities by Mercy for Animals, an animal welfare organization.

KC's View:
However this turns out, the lesson is clear – in today’s culture, you have to be precise and prescient about following all the rules and making sure that you are not vulnerable to criticism or attack. Because somehow, some way, if you are making a mistake, it is going to end up on the Internet, in the court system, and certainly in the court of public opinion.