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The Denver Post reports that Nash-Finch plans to discontinue to controversial pricing program that has prompted consumer complaints, regulatory and press inquiries and lawsuits against the retailer.

Until now, Avanza has been using a “shelf plus 10 percent” price policy, essentially saying that the shelf price is “cost” and that the 10 percent being added at checkout is gross profit. Nash Finch has defended the pricing policy as not being misleading, and has said that it is “well accepted” by its customers.

Nash-Finch says that it opting for a “new strategy.” Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the lawsuits say that the cases will proceed regardless of the policy change.

KC's View:
Call me silly, but it never seemed to me that it was a high percentage play for Nash Finch to be so resolute about a policy that seemed to be causing it so much trouble. While I wasn't nuts about the policy, it seemed fairly clear to me…but there seemed to be no real advantage in telling customers that they were wrong and that the company was right.

There usually isn’t.

I don't know about you, but if I were to tell a retailer that something it was doing confused me, and the retailer told me that I was wrong, my response would be simple. I’d shop elsewhere.