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Supervalu-owned Albertsons has decided to drop its online shopping and home delivery service in the Boise, Idaho, and Portland, Oregon, markets, saying that the economy made the service problematic.

"Economic conditions often foster change and allow time to step back and re-evaluate how business is being done -- especially as it relates to the best way to serve and deliver value to customers," the company said in a statement.

However, Albertsons has left open the possibility that it could revive the service when conditions change.

KC's View:
Would it overly commercial to suggest that Albertsons ought to be talking to one of MNB’s sponsors about how to make an online service profitable?

Because while I understand the desire to cut services that seem unprofitable, I think the decision pulls Albertsons out of the online business at a time when more and more shoppers are going to be interested in it.