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USA Today had a little nugget the other day about Fairfield, Connecticut, Dr. Kilbourn Gordon, who runs the Urgent Care Center there…and who has taken to giving his patients two kinds of treatments – the regular medical kind, and a package of chicken soup, which he apparently believes will be good both for their bodies and their souls.

Gordon says that patients’ eyes tend to light up when they get the soup; he says he’d prefer to give them the homemade variety, but it wouldn’t be practical. (He also takes care to tell patients with blood pressure problems that the soup has a high salt content.)

KC's View:
This is a great idea…and a natural for supermarkets that have those in-store medical clinics.

It would be so smart for these supermarkets to give their patients coupons for fresh or packaged chicken soup that they could redeem that day. Or maybe some other comfort food that would improve their spirits as well as improving their medical condition.

Really good food stores, it seems to me, have the ability to minister to people’s stomachs, hearts and even their souls, if you believe in such things. Kudos to Dr. Gordon for figuring that out.