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Marketing Daily reports that according to a survey conducted by the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Fleishman-Hillard, “more than half of corporate marketers and communicators believe that their organizations will increase their involvement in environmental sustainability initiatives during the next two to three years,” and that “half of those surveyed believe that economic realities will encourage the adoption of such practices.”

Also of note: “Nearly one in six (58%) believe their companies will place more emphasis on developing corporate sustainability opportunities in the months ahead, despite economic realities,” Marketing Daily> writes. “But how those companies will talk about these efforts is uncertain. More than half do not expect to increase communications about sustainability. About 43% say their companies will increase marketing of these programs because it is the right thing to do; customers are asking for more information; it is supportive of the corporate culture; and because sustainability offers a clear and distinct business advantage.”

KC's View:
I cannot imagine any circumstances under which a company would pursue sustainability initiatives and not want to talk about it…unless, of course, it is catering to an audience that does not believe that sustainability is a worthwhile strategy. Though it is hard to believe that such an audience exists in this day and age...