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MNB can’t be everywhere all the time…which is why it is great when an MNB user files a report giving us insight into what’s going in various parts of the world.

This one comes from an MNB user who is on Fresh & Easy’s mailing list…and who has a reaction to Tesco’s US operation looking to establish a stronger price image:

Just received my first direct mail newspaper ad from Fresh & Easy. I now see why this company is having trouble getting off the ground in the USA.

They are now trying to create “Budget Price” image, but can’t get the terminology right:
Three examples:

- “Table Carrots, 2 lbs for $.98.” Does anyone know what “Table Carrots” are?
- “Green Pears, 3 count $.98.” Americans buy types of pears and green ones would be considered unripe.
- “Bi-Colored Bell Peppers, 2 count for $.98.” Is that red/green, yellow/red, green/yellow or totally different colors?

Help is needed.

KC's View:
Thanks for sharing.