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Over at, there is a report about the new shopping carts introduced by Wegmans at its Pittsford, NY, store, when two of its previous shopping cart vendors went out of business.

The upside of the new carts? The three-tiered carts seem to ride smoother, are made from brown metal instead of chrome, have cup holders and germ-repellant handles, can fit two children in the seat and have compartments in which shoppers can separate items.

The downside? They’re bigger – 1,000 cubic inches bigger – and that’s causing some people to accidentally hit each other as they navigate the store. One customer said it is like driving a minivan after only driving a normal car.

KC's View:
Wegmans probably is smart to test this out in one store before rolling it out to others…though to be honest, how much bigger than a normal cart can they be if they still fit through the checkout lanes?

I saw a picture of the new carts, and I like them. Not that this matters a bit.