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Second Thoughts from The Content Guy…

Yesterday, MNB reported that Supervalu-owned Acme Markets has followed the lead of Supervalu’s Albertsons stores and decided to eliminate home delivery of groceries. Instead, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Acme will only offer pickup service at 40 stores in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

KC's View:
There was something I should have pointed out yesterday that I did not…which was that at this moment in time, it might not make sense to be reducing a commitment to online grocery shopping and home delivery.

Why? Because of the concerns about a swine flu pandemic that is making so many headlines…which could have a lot of customers clamoring for home delivery options.

A simple reality is that if the swine flu situation gets worse, customers are going to be looking for ways to avoid going out to do their shopping.

Retailers need to pay attention to this and deal with it very carefully. They don't want to panic people, but they do want to cater to what could be a growing consumer need.