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Walmart’s plans to build a new supercenter new a Virginia Civil War battlefield now has a new opponent – actor Robert Duvall, best known for roles in movies such “The Godfather,” “The Great Santini,” and “Apocalypse Now.”

Duvall said at a press conference yesterday that he is not anti-Walmart, but believes in “capitalism with sensitivity.” The actor said he will work with preservationists to prevent Walmart from building near the battlefield where Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee first fought the Union's Ulysses S. Grant.

Duvall, as it happens, is a descendent of Gen. Lee.

KC's View:
It is dubious that Duvall will be wandering a Walmart parking lot muttering, “I love the smell of low prices in the morning…”

Mike Duke better be careful, or he’ll end up with a horse’s head in his bed.