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In Arkansas, the Morning News reports that a number of shareholder-generated proposals are expected to be offered up for a vote during Walmart’s annual shareholder’s meeting this week in Bentonville, Arkansas. Among the proposals – none of which is expected to pass - that are scheduled to be made:

• A formal policy that precludes discrimination on the basis of gender. (The paper says that Walmart says it already has such a policy, and therefore a new one is not needed.)

• A new rule that would allow shareholders to cast advisory votes on executive compensation.

• A new policy that would pay executives based on how the company performs relative to “the median performance of a retail peer group.)

• Some shareholders want a list and rationale behind every political contribution…something that Walmart says it already files with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

• There also is a move to allow any shareholder owning 10 percent of the company to cal a shareholders’ meeting.

The Morning News writes that “Wal-Mart shareholders’ proposals likely won’t pass if the founding Walton family does not approve. Walton Enterprises owns 1.68 billion shares of Wal-Mart stock, or about 43 percent of the 3.91 billion shares outstanding as of March 31, according to the proxy filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in April.”

KC's View:
A special note here…MorningNewsBeat will be in Arkansas this week to attend the shareholders meeting and report on the special media days hosted by Walmart.