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CBS News reports that a new study by the Foundation for Childhood Development says that one of the possible impacts of the recession will be an increase in childhood obesity that could “virtually erase decades of improvements in American children's well-being.”

According to the story, “Along with the direct impact of the decline in families' economic well-being, children will likely suffer from a range of indirect effects of the recession, the report forecasts. Obesity may rise from parents' reliance on cheap meals, behavioral problems could increase if adolescents who are not in school cannot find jobs, and state and local budget cuts could limit the availability of pre-kindergarten programs.”

Which means, the Foundation suggests, that early childhood education and social programs need to be considered as a way of staving off these problems.
KC's View:
A lot of people, myself included, will respond to this challenge by asking where the money for such programs is going to come from. At some point, the spigot has to get turned off…hopefully before the well has gone completely dry.

That said, the kinds of problems that the Foundation is projecting could occur also will have an economic impact. And so, I suppose, one has to figure out where money is best spent.

Of course, it also would be nice if parents would actually be parents, even when money is tight and the economy doesn’t show promise.