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Information Week reports that Coca-Cola is testing a new self-serve soft drink dispenser at a number of fast food restaurants … but it is a dispenser with a difference, since it allows consumers access to more than 100 varieties of sodas, juices, teas, and flavored waters.

According to the story, “The dispensers each contain 30 cartridges of flavorings that mix up 100 different drink combinations. The cartridges are tagged with radio frequency ID chips, and each dispenser contains an RFID reader.” At the end of each day, “massive amounts of consumption data” is sent back to Coke’s Atlanta headquarters, and the dispenser is described by Information Week as part of “Coke's front-line robotic army for business intelligence.”

If the tests – taking place in California, Georgia, and Utah - work, Coke hopes to have the machines – dubbed “Freestyle” – in thousands of fast feeders, ranging from McDonald’s and Burger King to much smaller venues.

KC's View:
It seems like a few too many choices to me, but I’m guessing that young people will love it…and this could give Coke a unique window into their minds and souls.