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Advertising Age reports that “even as Procter & Gamble Co. cut measured U.S. media spending 18% overall last quarter, it more than doubled spending on internet display ads.”

“I've got a lot of passion for digital," says Marc Pritchard, P&G’s global marketing officer. "It really is such an incredible way to connect with consumers and really have much deeper ongoing relationships with them. ... Our media strategy is pretty simple: Follow the consumer. And the consumer is becoming more and more engaged in the digital world."

Here’s how Ad Age defines the shift: “P&G's big spike in internet spending, coupled with such factors as a whopping 44% decline in network-TV spending, still only brought online display to 4% of P&G's $672 million quarterly measured outlay. And because measured-media data don't capture many of the fastest-growing digital-spending buckets, such as online-video ads, behaviorally targeted ads, mobile or search, P&G's digital outlay as a whole probably exceeded 5% of its media spending last quarter.
But the implications beyond the quarter are huge. The ramp-up in digital dollars means many P&G brands are finally spending enough to have a measurable impact on sales, which could allow them to justify even more spending on digital down the road.”

KC's View:
As a friend of mine puts it, current technologies make it possible for people to only do what they can measure. That’s where P&G and a lot of other companies inevitably are heading…and it is inevitable because broadcast and print media are facing a decline that almost certainly will end in obsolescence and irrelevance.