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The Allentown Morning Call reports that Wegmans has joined the “Take Marlin Off The Menu” campaign, which was launched by marine advocacy groups that include the International Game Fish Association, the National Coalition for Marine Conservation, and The Billfish Foundation.

Wegmans actually stopped selling marlin last September because of concerns about declines in the species’ population, but the new step represents another step in sustainability advocacy for the supermarket chain.

According to the story, while Wegmans does not disclose specific sales numbers, it concedes that marlin was not a big-selling item…but says that it did take a financial hit when it discontinued sale of the product. Wegmans has been suggesting that shoppers try mahi instead.

''As an industry, we have a great deal of influence in what Americans eat,'' Carl Salamone, Wegmans vice president of seafood, tells the Morning Call. ''Every day, in supermarkets across the country, consumers ask seafood professionals what's great to eat. That's when we can point consumers to fish and seafood that is flavorful and good for our environment. Because when the marlin are gone, we all lose.''

KC's View:
Some companies lead. Others follow. I have a great deal of respect for Wegmans in so many areas…but I think its approach to sustainability issues distinguishes and differentiates it.

Good for Wegmans.