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Daymon Worldwide announced that it has renamed its demonstrations business from Daymon Worldwide Demos to Daymon Interactions, a move that it says more accurately reflects the range of consumer interactive services offered by its San Diego, CA-based subsidiary.

“We are a company that is focused on engaging, interacting and influencing the consumer,” said Jim King, President of Daymon Interactions. “We do this through a variety of consumer focused experiences that allow the consumer to connect with the brand. More effectively communicating the variety of services we offer will allow us to better achieve our company growth goals.”

The company says that its demo business has reached the point where it spends more than 500 million minutes connecting with consumers every year. “We are changing our names, logos, websites and, most importantly, how we speak about ourselves because we must tell our brand story and create perception and awareness of our company,” says Alex Miller, President of Daymon Worldwide. “We are no longer a demo company but rather a consumer experience marketing company; we don’t just offer samples, we create consumer experiences. We are shifting our focus more heavily to the consumer rather than the retailer as this is where we really show value for all.”
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