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FreshDirect reportedly has launched a new Daily Seafood Rating System that is designed to “take the guess work out of choosing high-quality seafood and eliminate the need to speak with a fishmonger to find out what's best that day … Utilizing a star system similar to that used in its Daily Produce Rating System, FreshDirect's in-house experts inspect its seafood stock each morning to provide customers with recommendations that are accurate for deliveries on the day following the ranking. If soft shell crabs scored a 4-star rating on the Web site Tuesday, they are one of FreshDirect's top selections -- guaranteed to be great for next-day deliveries on Wednesday.”

The seafood will be rated with stars, based on the following chart:

• Five Stars: Never Better - Simply outstanding; the best of its kind
• Four Stars: Great - A don't-miss, peak-season product
• Three Stars: Good - A dependable product, sure to please
KC's View:
This adheres to one of MNB’s central tenets of smart retailing. You can't just be a source of product. You also have to be a resource for information.