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The Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning reports that Ukrop’s chairman/president/CEO Robert S. Ukrop has sent a memo to employees addressing the rampant speculation that the company is for sale and has circulated a prospectus to possible suitors that include Harris Teeter, Supervalu and Ahold.

"There has been a lot of speculation in the last few days about the future of Ukrop's," Ukrop wrote. "All of this is based on rumors, anonymous blog postings and industry chatter."

However, he did not exactly deny the reports.

“Anything I say at this point will add fuel to the fire," he wrote, adding, “If anything changes with our company's direction, you and our customers will hear it from me…”
KC's View:
In the Nixon administration, that used to be called a “non-denial denial.”

This may not be a done deal, but there certainly are a lot of signs.

BTW…in yesterday’s story about Ukrop’s possibly being for sale, I neglected to attribute the original source of the report, which was Food World.

It was, in fact, an oversight...I should have attributed it to Food World but as often is the case, I was working fast and early, and sometimes I screw up ... I do try to attribute my sources on stories that I’m reading from the wires, but mistakes happen. (I actually like to attribute stories because I think MNB is as much about how the industry is being covered as it is about the industry ... and therefore the attribution often is an important factor in the story.) In this case, I actually had gotten a couple of emails mentioning the rumor of the Ukrop’s sale before the story broke in the local papers, and so my fingers got ahead of my brain.

Again, no excuses, just an explanation.