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More details have emerged about Barnes & Noble’s intention to challenge Amazon in the e-book business. Yesterday, it was reported that in addition to opening an e-bookstore with more than 700,000 titles, the company also will see an e-book reader from a company called Plastic Logic that is described by Fast Company as perhaps being a “decent competitor” to Amazon’s Kindle.

In addition, Fast Company writes, “Its e-bookstore will have over 700,000 titles, more than twice that of Amazon, with best-seller prices at around $10. And the company's pulled off a deal with Google to enable its users to download Google's 500,000 public text library for free too. That means B&N is offering close to one million more texts than Amazon does to its Kindle users. And they're not just being made available on the Plastic Logic e-reader either--B&N have iPhone, BlackBerry and PC software on the way too.

“All of which makes the story very very interesting indeed--Barnes and Noble really is taking the fight to Amazon with its plans. Since Amazon's credited with stealing much of the custom from bricks and mortar bookstores, it's practically the only way physical bookstores can react. And the stores may even have one big advantage over Amazon: Picking up and handling the attractive Plastic Logic device in the store could certainly sell more units than ogling pictures of the Kindle on Amazon.”
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