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The Long Island Press reports that Fairway Market has gotten permission from the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals to open a store in Douglaston, Queens – its first store in that borough, and one that is expected also to serve customers from western Nassau County on Long Island.

Fairway currently operates five stores – two in Manhattan, one on Long Island, one in Brooklyn and one in New Jersey. The company has been in expansionist mode lately – in addition to the Queens store, it also plans to open one in New York’s Westchester County and another in Stamford, Connecticut.
KC's View:
Fairway is a terrific operation, and I for one am thrilled that they plan to open one in Connecticut. The only challenge will be to assure that a specific and healthy corporate culture remains intact and vital even as the company grows…and that is harder and harder to do the bigger a company grows.

On the other hand, the folks at Fairway seem like they are focused on the task at hand and aware of the challenges…and so there is no reason to think they cannot make it work.