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The Indianapolis Business Journal reports this morning that Marsh Supermarkets has decided to stop honoring a $10 coupon that it posted on its Facebook page, saying that “unfortunately this offer has been widely distributed in an unauthorized manner throughout our marketing area. Due to the vast numbers of inappropriately transmitted and replicated copies of this offer, we will no longer be able to accept these coupons in our stores.”

The coupon was supposed to be usable until August 8.

However, the explanation didn’t cut it with a lot of Marsh customers – more than 250 critical messages have been written on the company’s Facebook “wall,” with shoppers decrying the move as reflecting poor customer service.
KC's View:
It is unclear exactly how many coupons may have been redeemed at Marsh, so it is impossible to know exactly how bad it got. But one has to at least question whether the black eye Marsh is getting in the media and with customers is worth the money it is saving by not redeeming the coupon.

Embracing all these new technologies involves risk. Sometimes you have to learn your lesson, take your lumps, and move on.