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MNB reported yesterday that Tesco, concerned that its market share in the UK was suffering from a small but steady erosion as its chief rival, Walmart-owned Asda Group, saw growth in its market share, had decided to double the Clubcard points offered on purchases at its stores.

Apparently, that’s not all being doubled at Tesco, where the slogan is “Every little helps.”

The London Evening Standard reports that the ATM at a west London Tesco store began malfunctioning the other day, handing out twice the amount of money being requested by users.

Apparently, London shoppers were not above taking advantage of the situation. Within minutes of the first incident, the news spread and there soon was a line of more than 50 people trying to get money out of the ATM; thousands of pounds were withdrawn before the problem was fixed.

Tesco said it shut down the machine as soon as it became aware of the problem, and would not be trying to recoup the funds accidentally handed out.
KC's View:
Maybe it is just my Jesuit education, but if an ATM gave me twice the money I asked for, I cannot imagine any circumstances under which I would call all my friends and tell them about it, nor can I imagine responding to such a call from someone I knew.

Last time I checked, that’s called stealing. I have vague memories about there being a rule or a commandment or something that says that you’re not supposed to do that.

One day you’re grabbing a little illicit money from the local ATM…and pretty soon, you’re stealing credit and debit card numbers. (Am I wrong, or is it just a short leap from one to the other?)

On the one hand, this is a funny story. On the other hand, in the darker reaches of my soul, it worries me…because it says something about people that isn’t very heartening.