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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that in the Windy City, McDonald’s plans to create a Dollar Menu for the breakfast segment, which it hopes will “revive slowing morning sales.” And, the paper says, “the move is a sign that the chain’s new specialty coffees have failed to stem the breakfast slowdown,” and perhaps have not been as successful as some of the hype has suggested.

McDonald’s has recently rolled out a gourmet coffee McCafé program that has been heralded as a way of competing with Starbucks. Crain’s writes that “McDonald’s executives have said the specialty coffees - the biggest menu expansion in three decades - have exceeded expectations, but the heavily promoted new drinks have not generated large sales increases.”
KC's View:
I hesitate to mention this because I’ll be called a coffee snob, but I recently went to a McCafé and ordered a latte. It tasted awful, and I was quite literally nauseous until I found a Starbucks and got my usual venti skim latte and got the taste out of my mouth.

Now, maybe this is an isolated incident. Maybe I just got a bad pot. And maybe it is unfair to mention this. (Some will argue that this means I have lousy taste in coffee, but I’ll disagree.)

But I won’t be getting coffee again at McDonald’s anytime soon.