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The Chicago Sun Times reports that online grocer Peapod is celebrating its 20th anniversary, having grown from an enterprise started with $25,000 in capital raised from friends and family to one that is owned by Ahold, operated out of Skokie, Illinois, and currently serves 360,000 households in 22 markets and has delivered more than 14 million orders in the past 20 years.

According to the story, Thomas Parkinson, one of the founders and Peapod’s chief technology officer, “recalls checking customers' 1200- and 2400-baud modems while he delivered groceries in those early days.” Today, Peapod “is preparing to launch a text-messaging system to alert customers within 10 minutes of the pea-green delivery trucks' arrivals.”
KC's View:
I can vividly remember in those early days how some folks said that online grocery businesses would never work. (It was the same folks who said that Amazon would shortly go out of business.)

Credit Peapod not just for perseverance, but for having imagination and vision.