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Internet Retailer has an interesting story about a new survey that it commissioned to determine which retailers are most talked-about in online social networking sites, and to what extent the conversation is positive. came out on top – a marriage of the world’s biggest Internet retailer and technology that makes this conversation possible – with 92 percent of the conversation being positive.

Behind Amazon are Target (with 83 percent of the conversation being positive), IKEA (77 percent), Walmart (69 percent), Staples (79 percent), Nike (80 percent), Lowe’s (83 percent), Macy’s (84 percent), Borders (80 percent), Marshall’s (76 percent), and Costco (76 percent).
KC's View:
My first reaction to reading this story was that not one food retailer made the top 25.

Except that, of course, there were several. Amazon sells food. As do Target, Walmart, and Costco. Even CVS, which came in further down the list of to 25, sells food.

Which makes me wonder…if there is a kind of national conversation taking place over this technological back fence, why aren’t companies like Safeway and Kroger more a part of it? Is it that they are not sufficiently embracing social networking? Or is there something else going on that is keeping them out of the conversation…which, by the way, seems generally positive?