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Forbes reports that Kroger CEO David B. Dillon says that while the labor situation in Colorado is “in a state of uncertainty” at the moment, he remains confident that eventually the two sides will work out their differences in negotiations. Kroger has successfully negotiated new labor deals in Ohio and New Mexico this year, and Dillon seems to believe that history will repeat itself.

While negotiations between Kroger’s King Soopers division – as well as Safeway and Albertsons – and local labor unions have been ongoing for some six months, unionized workers at Safeway and King Soopers have voted to reject the latest – and supposedly final - contract offers made by the two chains, and asked that the two sides return to the bargaining table. At the same time, Safeway employees re-authorized a strike against the supermarket chain, though no date or deadline has yet been set.

Dillon says that “Colorado is a big one for us; it's an important one … My guess is it will still be a little while before we reach any sort of resolution."
KC's View:
As long as they keep talking and there are no labor actions, then it will mean that sanity reigns.

But if you want to see the best reason not to go on strike, check out the long USA Today piece this morning about the economic, social and even psychological impact of unemployment on people across the country. It is scary.