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In California, the Sun reports about how Stater Bros. has managed to navigate the recession. Last January, CEO Jack Brown cut prices on 4,000 SKUs – and within six months, data showed, 1.9 million new customers had begun shopping at Stater. “When we saw that trend I ordered another 6,000 prices cut, and that's where we are today and our customer counts are ever higher," Brown tells the paper.

However, Brown also points to the company’s reputation for great employees and customer service as being critical to its success: “They cannot match our people. When you go into our stores you will see the nearest, cleanest professional of any store in Southern California. It's kind of a secret weapon. The quality of the Stater Bros. family member is the secret to our success.”

It is a success that has kept Stater alive and vital for almost three quarters of a century, and, as Brown notes, “There have been 20 major chains leave (Southern) California, or sell or merge during the history of Stater Bros.”
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