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• The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that “unionized grocery workers in Colorado are questioning why their international union has not yet approved a strike against Safeway despite assurances last week by a top international official that it would be granted ‘in a day or two’.”

Talks between management and labor broke down about 10 days ago after unionized employees rejected what Safeway and Kroger-owned King Soopers said was their final offer. The union members then authorized a strike against Safeway.”

• The Los Angeles Times reports that three former Ralphs executives - Patrick McGowan, a former regional vice president, and Scott Drew and Karen Montoya, former zone managers - are suing their former employer and Kroger, its parent company, “alleging that the companies wrongfully terminated and scapegoated them after the bitter 2003-04 Southern California supermarket strike and lockout.”

The three former executives were acquitted in the June of charges that they conspired during the labor action to hire locked out employees and pay them using fake Social Security numbers.
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