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Internet Retailer reports that “U.S. consumers age 65 and older are most likely to shop online (77%). Consumers ages 45-64 and ages 30-44 follow at 71% with those ages 18-29 at 70%, a new report finds. And when it comes to gathering information online, which can include researching products, 67% of baby boomers (45-64) and gen Xers (30-44) are on the hunt while 65% of matures (65+) and 55% of millennials (18-29) are collecting information.”

The report means that while conventional wisdom suggests that high-tech marketing efforts are best used to target younger shoppers, in fact the use of computers and cell phones cuts across demographic lines - they are used by seniors, boomers, millennials and gen Xers. This creates a real opportunity for marketers to develop multi-tier programs, though they need to be customized for these different generational groups.
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