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The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that as Wegmans continues to grow, the company is targeting areas outside its home market of western New York.

"We see our growth in a defined crescent between Washington and Boston, extending from Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland and up into Massachusetts," CEO Danny Wegman tells the paper. "We're looking at Connecticut." The company currently has 75 stores in New York, Pennsylvania and the Washington, DC, region.

One challenge the company is facing is real estate prices. According to the story, “Danny Wegman said moving into Massachusetts has been a costly venture so far. ‘This is the most expensive real estate we've ever seen,’ he said, adding that the company first considered building a store in Boston, near Fenway Park, but that land acquisition costs were prohibitive. ‘We went west and are now 50 miles outside the city, which gives some idea how expensive land is’.”
KC's View:
Wegmans makes very few mistakes, and it will be very interesting to see what the company’s next moves are. My understanding is that the company still has a number of properties in the DC market that it hasn’t yet built on, so this probably all is long-term...but as a Connecticut resident, I have to admit to being intrigued about what Wegmans might have planned.