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Interesting piece in the New York Times yesterday about how Sam Kass, a White House chef, is playing a dual role in the Obama administration: “When he’s not grilling fish for the first family or tending tomatillos in the White House garden, he is pondering the details of child nutrition legislation, funding streams for the school lunch program and the best tactics to fight childhood obesity. Part chef and part policy wonk, he is reinventing the role of official gastronome in the Executive Mansion.”
KC's View:
There will be those who will see the negatives in this story, but my feeling is that a chef is far better able to talk about nutrition than a lot of elected officials. I also think that it always make sense to enlarge the circle so more perspectives can be heard. Maybe a chef - who understands how to cook, how to feed people, and the importance of taste - can see a way through this debate that makes sense.