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comScore is out with a new study saying that online sales were down two percent in the third quarter, the first time in memory that online spending has gone down two quarters in a row. At the same time, comScore suggests that fourth quarter, end-of-year holiday spending could be up a little bit compared to last year, but only because the 2008 holiday season was, in the words of the Wall Street Journal, “dismal.”

The Journal also notes that this study appears to be ion conflict with projections made by Forrester Research earlier this week that suggested end-of-year holiday spending online this year could be up as much as eight percent.

Why the difference? The Journal writes that while comScore looks at consumer spending, Forrester has a “more holistic point of view.”
KC's View:
Quite frankly, we all have to hope that Forrester is right on this, since we need good economic news wherever we can find it.