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An online survey conducted by reports that nearly a quarter (23 percent) of retail employees surveyed “rate their organization’s current employee morale as low. Additionally, 42 percent of retail workers, the highest of all industries surveyed, report that they have had difficulty staying motivated at work in the last year and more than a quarter (28 percent) do not feel loyal to their current employer.”

In addition, the report says that “workers revealed a variety of factors that may be contributing to low morale levels. Half (48 percent), the highest among all industries surveyed, said that their stress level at work is high and more than half (52 percent) said that their workload has increased in the last six months. A quarter (24 percent) is dissatisfied with their work/life balance.

“More than two-in-five (42 percent) retail workers said they felt there was departmental favoritism at work, which could also play a part in low morale levels. Thirty percent of retail workers don’t think their department is important to senior leadership.”

So-called “favored departments,” or those that workers say are important to senior leadership, tend to have the following components: work schedule flexibility, higher salaries, greater recognition by management, casual dress codes, greater funding, and more career advancement and training opportunities.
KC's View:
These may not be universal complaints and preferences. But every leader/manager ought to at least consider the possibility that his/her employees may share at least some of these feelings.