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Hi, I’m Kevin Coupe, and this is MorningNewsBeat Radio, available on iTunes and brought to you by Webstop, experts in the art of retail website design.

Today marks MorningNewsBeat’s eighth birthday. That’s right, it has been eight years since the first time I sat down at the laptop to turn out one of these reports. I remember that day well. I’d survived the collapse of a previous online business with which I had a stake, one that managed to claim not just an enterprise but a number of long-term friendships and working relationships.

And I recall thinking to myself that I was tired of other people screwing up my career and business; if that was going to happen, I might as well do the job myself. And so, operating on Internet time and on a shoestring, I managed to get MorningNewsBeat designed and online in a matter of weeks, and figured that if the content were differentiated enough, the business would take care of itself.

Go figure. It has sort of worked out.

It has been my pleasure over the last eight years to be writing about a retailing business during a time of great tumult, change, and even controversy. Someone once asked me what I did on days where there is no news; the simple truth is that I wouldn’t know.

It also has been my great good fortune to have you as members of the MNB community: engaged, interested, patient on mornings when I am running a little late, understanding of the typos, and far more than just readers. It has been a fun ride.

And, I’ve had wonderful sponsors over the past eight years, who have responded as much to your engagement as to my sometimes unorthodox approach to editorial content. They make it possible for you to get MNB each morning, and I appreciate you paying attention to their products and services. Because I believe in promoting my sponsors whenever possible, I will use this opportunity to suggest that you click on their ads and see what they have to offer: the new iPhone application developed by MyWebGrocer, the fabulous olive oils created by California Olive Ranch, the executive search services available from Samuel J. Associates, as well as the the offerings of Bunzl, Webstop and EcoBags.

(Am I being a little commercial here? Sure...but a guy’s got to make a living, and I have tuitions to pay. But these are terrific companies, and I am grateful to them.)

No great words of wisdom this morning, no off-kilter of off-the-wall observations about a world a little bit insane.

Just a simple thank you. Couldn’t do it without you. Wouldn’t want to.

That’s it for this edition of MNB Radio. Now, let’s back to business - the news in context, analysis with attitude, and the serious levity that I hope makes MNB different.

And that I hope will keep making MNB different. Because as they say, I’m going to keep doing it until I get it right.

For MorningNewsBeat Radio, I’m Kevin Coupe.
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