retail news in context, analysis with attitude, the online service operated by Minnesota-based Coburn’s, said yesterday that it will begin delivering groceries directly to Northstar Commuter Rail travelers at
the Coon Rapids-Riverdale Station, which it says makes it “the only online ordering and grocery delivery service serving Northstar commuters, who will now be able to grab their groceries as they head home from the station.”

“Busy commuters can order their groceries online at CobornsDelivers by 10:00 in the morning, and we will have them there fresh and ready to pick up as customers get off the Northstar Commuter Train to head home that evening,” said CobornsDelivers VP of e-Marketing, Sue Westerman. “Our insulated totes keep everything fresh, cold, or frozen for hours, and our delivery truck will be at the Riverdale Station every weekday.”
KC's View:
This time of year in Minnesota, you wouldn’t think it would be a problem keeping product cold or frozen.

But seriously, these are the kinds of efforts that move the ball forward in terms of e-commerce.