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Fascinating interview in the Richmond Times-Dispatch with Jim Ukrop and Bobby Ukrop. the chairman/CEO of the Virginia supermarket chain that bears the family name, in which neither does anything to dispel rumors that the company might be sold.

“We are going to live here the rest of our lives,” says Bobby Ukrop. “We are not going anywhere. The ebbs and flows of any business or organization may change. . . . We have been in a variety of businesses, so while some approaches might change, we are still going to be around."

"Whatever the future holds, we will take very seriously our presence in the community," adds Jim Ukrop. "And whatever happens in the future, I think I know Bobby and I will be looking at it from a point of view of what is the best for those folks that work for us and their futures and for the community. Period."
KC's View:
There has been a lot of second guessing - here and elsewhere - about Ukrop’s current situation. But one of the things that the Times-Dispatch story makes clear is how important the Ukrop family and the company have been to the community they have served for so many years. it hasn’t been without controversy, because not everyone has agreed with the Ukrops’ methods or priorities. But I have to say that I am impressed with the service culture that exists in the stores, but that only exists there because it is a reflection of deeply held, foundational values exemplified by the family.

Amid the second guessing, attention should be paid.